A New Day, a New Ship, a New Crew

Background and introduction
Not a bad way to start the New Year...

The Traveller’s Aid Society hotel in Lisurion, the gigantic orbital city above Lunion, is not only one of the most famous in the Spinward Marches, but it is also widely considered to be one of the finest in the entire Imperium. In addition to the hotel, the complex includes convention and meeting facilities, a well-run casino, several high-end duty-free shops, extensive administration offices, and perhaps its most well-known component, a superb restaurant called the Sphere of Gold. The restaurant is named after an object on display just inside the main entrance. Its origin is unknown, but it is widely believed that the 40 cm object is some sort of Ancient artifact. It is indeed made of gold, although its craftsmanship is unlike any conventional object made of gold in that it that it seems to be completely indestructible. The restaurant is well known for the wide range and high quality of its cuisine, as well as the unusual diversity of alien races that make up its staff. Most of the top managers at the restaurant are female Aslan who run it with clockwork efficiency with the help of several Bwap clerks. The kitchen is run by an interesting pair of chefs: a Virushi who specializes in herbivorous cuisine and a Vargr who caters to those with more carnivorous tastes. The restaurant also has its own Hlanssai troupe of musicians that play a variety of musical genres with superb skill and grace.

All of you are meeting each other for the first time in a private room near the bar of the Sphere of Gold. The Aslan hostess who seated each of you in the room once you arrived at the restaurant has informed you that your new employer, Sir Gaeghoeg, wishes you to enjoy yourself while you wait for him. He has instructed her to put anything you may order off the menu on his tab. Clearly, money does not seem to be any object for him, especially where his Vargr charisma is concerned. On one side of the room is a large series of viewscreens which are showing things such as ships arriving and departing, available cargoes, and local and TAS news.

Once Sir Gaeghoeg arrives, each of you sizes him up. Like most Vargr, he is a bit shorter than an average human and slightly built. It is obvious from the way that he is interacting with the very, very large Answerin man with him that he is quite comfortable around humans, although his other companion, another Vargr a bit younger than him, seems to be a bit annoyed by something. Once everyone has found a chair, Sir Gaeghoeg introduces his two companions. The very tall and powerfully built human is Heshanwy, an Answerin who spent a considerable amount of time in the Imperial Marines before becoming Sir Gaeghoeg’s personal bodyguard. The Vargr is named Aensorr, and he is one of Sir Gaeghoeg’s nephews. He then makes some small talk for a little while, demonstrating that he clearly remembers many of the details discussed during your interviews for your jobs. He then summons one of the hotel staff, and asks that all of you not be disturbed.

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